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A Grow Tent is Perfect for Growing Plants Indoors

How to easily grow safely indoors without the hassle of building your own grow box.

A grow tent is just perfect if you want to start growing plants indoors. It's very easy to setup and it's fire and water resistant which makes it very safe for you to grow your own plants indoors.

Grow tents are used to control contained plants indoors and give them the proper growing environment. To be able to make the model environment for growing plants indoors it takes painstaking tracking of the heat and light that the environment is exposed to. Because of this grow tents are designed with a layer that consists of a thermal film. This film is extremely reflective so it gives the plants the proper amount of light that they need to first germinate from seeds and then grow to maturity. It is also water resistant as well as a good source of insulation for heat. Since it does not give off toxic fumes it will not be a risk source for plants.

There will be several ports for intake and exhaust purposes. These ports play a vital role in the control of the light and temperature in your grow tent. Those that have the dual sock port design will provide flexibility for a variety of duct sizes. These ports allow equipment to pass inside to the outside with out upseting the light balance. Gone are the duct clamps of the past and instead you have drawstrings to allow easy access for quick installation and replacement of ducts and fans.

Growing plants from seeds can be more difficult than having plants that are already started. Each type of plant seed will need a different kind of temperature in the air as well as the soil for them to germinate. Then each has a different amount of light and moisture that is needed too. You will need to have all of these issues resolved to properly germinate a new seedling. If just one of them is off then you will not get any growth from a seed. Grow tents really help to combat many of these issues that face indoor growers.

Depending on the plant you are trying to grow you will need to adjust the temperature of the air in the tent as well as the soil. There are seeds that need lower temperatures such as peas and those that need much higher temperatures like tomatoes. You will need to place a thermometer on the interior of the grow tent to consistently monitor the temperature. When the temperature gets too high you can adjust the lighting and if it remains too low you will want to add heating pads.

Grow tents create an area specifically designed for the germination of seeds, not only because of the inner lining material and ports but because of their exterior color. Grow tents are dark in color on the exterior, usually black or dark blue. The dark color works better in the absorption of heat that is then transferred to the inside of the grow tent. 

A grow tent is a good alternative in many ways.

Using a grow box made of reflective material like a grow tent it has many advantages over a normal wooden grow box.

- First it's light weight (good for moving your grow hut around if it's needed).

- When you finished growing you can pack it up and put it away without taking too much space.

- It's 100 fire resistant so it's very safe to growing your own plants in it.

- It's way cheaper then building your own grow box and saving you time and effort.

- A grow tent is easy to setup and install.

- It's 99% light proof. you can ignore that one procent because it's hardly noticable, you can put it in your bedroom and it will be still dark.

- It stand heat much better then a wooden grow box because the heat can grow throught the light weight material without any disadvantges to the grow tent.

If you are looking to buy a grow tent online then  I would recommend Amazon, they offer the best prices on the net plus they ship the items for free. Also check out the reviews of the products because you don't want to buy a low quality grow tent. Here I have listed the top selling and best grow tent reviews on Amazon.

Also, they come in different sizes, so you want to make sure how big the grow tent is that you want.

This grow tent is the most popular size for the homegrower.
It's an awesome grow tent. Check the reviews on Amazon.

This one is smaller but a tiny bit higher then the one here above.
This one you would grow less plants in but you can grow them a bit higher. It's a good solution when you have a bit less space.
Quality is great one reviewer says. Check out the reviews ...


This grow room is a little wider then the other but the depth is less.
Has good reviews and seems to be a stable grow tent for you. Choose this one if this fits your room.


The mother of all. This is for the professional that want to take things serious ;-) Great grow tent with two seperate doors, that comes in handy sometimes when you want to move your plants around. Great portable grow room for the more advanced grower.




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